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115-121 Belmont, Mendota CA 93640

The AMOR Wellness Center – Mendota is a rural hub of services designed to address the extreme poverty entrenched in California’s Central Valley. 
For Years, agencies have invested their resources to fight this poverty with limited success. The breadth and depth of the needs in rural communities, combined with the lack of adequate space and high overhead, has limited the impact of what any one community benefit, county, or state agency can achieve on its own. Through public, private, and non-profit collaboration, the AMOR Wellness Center will provide an unprecedented group of essential services including medical, behavioral health, dental, social, youth, and education, directly in Mendota – a rural community of 12,000 desperately in need of this comprehensive support.
The children and families living in California’s rural Central Valley deserve the opportunity to establish themselves as contributing members of our economy with a clear path out of the poverty that has plagued them for generations. The AMOR Wellness Center is building that path. 

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Did You Know? 
AMOR Wellness has a Pantry Assistance Program. Families and Individuals with emergency needs can inquire by filling out the form below. An AMOR representative will contact you to schedule your appointment. 
View The AMOR Wellness Grand Opening now serving the Mendota, CA community and surrounding areas.

Services provided by the AMOR Wellness Network

Primary Health Care

Addresses the majority of a person’s health needs throughout their lifetime. This includes physical, mental, and social well-being.


General Dentistry Services including comprehensive examination, x-rays, and dental cleanings, fillings, root canals, and extractions. 

Behavioral Health Services

Work with individuals, groups and communities to improve mental health. Encourage clients to discuss emotions and experiences.

Family Counseling

Family counseling including individual psychological counseling  can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. 

Youth Activities

Organized classes designed to involve and encourage youth participation with engagement in physical education and learning opportunities. 

Mental & Emotional Health

Individuals suffering from substance abuse can participate in specialized counseling and treatment programs to fight their chemical dependency.

Pantry Assistance Program

The AMOR Wellness food pantry is a free service available to the public, meant to fill in gaps between food distributions and help support families in need.

Family Recreation

Coming Soon. Learn more about how to become a Corporate Sponsor, and help us build a community playground, park, and outdoor basketball court.

Day Care Services

The Daycare services help care for children before and after school, or while parents are working. They help establish routines and encourage learning and socialization.

Help Us Expand The Services We Provide


The AMOR Wellness Center provides comprehensive, wraparound support to families that need it most. Our project brings together providers, agencies and community benefit organizations that share the goal of building healthier communities together.
However, this project depends on its ability to provide a sustainable foundation to the services we will offer.
By becoming a monthly sustaining donor, you will help ensure that the AMOR Wellness Center will be a source of empowerment to Mendota and the surrounding communities, so that they can reach their goals and thrive in their futures.